A manufacturer & exporter of hand-made jute products

Bengal Braided Rugs Limited (BBRL) creates contemporary hand-made products out of jute - the Golden Fiber of Bangladesh. We are specialized in braided rugs, table-top products, baskets, etc. 


Over 90 percent of our employees are village women from underprivileged backgrounds who have been trained on the job and are now highly skilled artisans. Their contribution has supported the company to grow from a small cottage industry that started in 1998 to an industry employing hundreds of empowered self-reliant women.

In recognition of our achievements, the Standard Chartered Bank awarded us as the best agricultural exporter of the year 2016.


We believe in hands- on collaboration, thus we work together closely with our buyers to develop customized designs for individual markets. Working with design development has never been easier with the advanced communication tools we use.

Attention to Detail

We are very conscious about quality, and every finished product is inspected carefully by a dedicated team.  Our products have a touch of personal story, dedication and hard-work of our skilled artisans and beyond.


Starting the company with only hand braiding back in 1998, we have eventually expanded our production to meet demands with several different types of braiding machines. This helps us to quickly adapt to changing market trends and work with design developments.

100% eco-friendly

The jute yarn we obtain is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. With that in mind, we make sure the production processes we follow and our final products are 100% eco-friendly.